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acing graduate school interviews

i’ve recently got accepted into optometry school. after being wait listed and didnt get in the first year. i finally made it and thought i should share some tips with fellow students who wants to enter the medical/professional schools. here it goes. (you’ll notice i’m no speller)

1. be prepare: i cannot stress enough how being prepare makes a really big difference. my first interview i looked over some common interview questions. answered it in my head and thought that i was ready. i was so so wrong. you need to research the common interview questions. 

  • tell me about yourself: they don’t want to know how many cats you have. that you’re into videos games. NO. they want to know that you’re motivated. like to be involved in the community. self disciplined. have a goal for the future. THAT the tell me about yourself they’re looking for.
  • what are your strength and weaknesses: don’t over sell yourself and be too cocky with your strength. be humble. but don’t UNDER sell yourself either. list a few key strength with some examples to back up your ego! DON’T be too honest about your weaknesses either. they don’t want to know how you’re lazy and spend most of your breathing hours on the couch rotting your brains away. make a list of all your strength and pick the weakest strength as a weakness in disguise. ex: time management. say something like you like to be involved in many activities and sometimes you just over booked/worked yourself and next thing you know you don’t have enough hours in a day for it all. but you’re working on managing your time better. planning everything out. and if you’re in leadership position, mention that youve learned to delegate your work among other members instead of handing everything yourself. you’re also trying to work on being such a control freak. you understand that everything can’t go your way and that you can accommodate with changes as it happens. see how you slyly mentioned how awesome you are but still come off humble?
  • do you have any questions for us? YES, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A QUESTION. prepare a question to ask. before the interview learn about their program ( you should already know about their program before apply!!, if not don’t even waste their time and your time.) if there’s a part of their program that you’re interested in, take not of that and ask for more information. if there’s something you wish that was a part of their program, bring that up. its something you’re interested in, can they accommodate with you in the future? or do they have something similar. becareful though, don’t ask question that you can easily find answers from through their website. that just shows that you havn’t done your homework. 
  • there are a few more common questions. so do your homework 

seriously have write out the answers out somewhere. and practice infront of a mirror. practice makes perfect -this saying cannot be more true in this situation. 

3. be confident: say they throw something at you and you have no idea how to respond. THINK. its okay to take a second before you respond! you’re allow to think!! (just don’t take too too long)

4. be assertive: NEVER use these following words: maybe, i guess, perhaps, i think. that just shows that you have no direction for your future. cannot think for yourself. and is SOOOOO unreliable, undependable, indecisive, and most important: have NOTdone your homework. you should be prepare for everything! 

5. wear comfortable heels ladies. most of the time, following the interview is a tour of the school/program that could take up to 2 hours. especial medical programs. you can’t really concentrate on the tour if you’re constantly thinking about how your heels are killing you! 

6. dress professionally. be professionally. k

7. most important: show them that you’re invest on your future and that they’re not wasting their time on you!! 

keep calm. good luck :)

Basilica of San Vitale - Ravenna (Italy)

The Church of San Vitale, the masterpiece of Byzantine art in Ravenna. Construction began in 526 by Bishop Ecclesius under the Ostrogothic queen Amalasuntha (d. 535) and was consecrated in 547 during the reign of the emperor Justinian. This octagonal church, built of marble and capped by a lofty terra-cotta dome, is one of the most important surviving examples of Byzantine architecture and mosaic work.

 virtual tour here

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I don’t know how I missed John’s worried, guilty and pained expression in this scene when he realises that he’s made a huge mistake writing about Sherlock’s lack of general knowledge in his blog, because it’s resulted in Sherlock being the butt of leg pulling even more than usual and it physically hurts. 

…and when the office bursts into derisive and snide grins John does his best to silence them by shaking his head at them, and you can actually SEE him beating himself up inwardly about it, because this genial, mind-blowingly intelligent detective is far more sensitive than anyone could possibly imagine and that it has been years of taunts and cruelties like these that have turned this perfect face into a wall of impeccable silence and emotionlessness, while John has destroyed all that and more by a few inadvertently placed words on a blog he believed nobody read. In the short time that they’ve known one another, John has come to understand the vulnerability hiding behind the facade - one that Sherlock must have hoped John would not reveal to others; however, he feels as if he’s failed him. He’s allowed the world to enter their little domestic settlement close enough to poke fun at Sherlock, for no fault of his own, beyond that John couldn’t keep his own mouth [fingers] from blabbing. His jaw clenches and head shakes as he feels Sherlock’s pain and confusion. He hurts because despite being the brave soldier that he is, the one person who needs his strength is also the one who he so thoughtlessly let down. He hurts because Sherlock hurts. And what hurts far more is the fact that he is the reason why Sherlock hurts.

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